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    Our History
    As a professional cabinets supplier and exporter over 10 years ,Rosen family has export over 500 sets different cabinets to different countries already . Whether you are builder , project contractor ,wholesaler, dealer or for your own house , Rosen is committed to give you the best quality and affordable prices .
    Our Factory
    Rosen factory located in Hangzhou . We offer different kinds of kitchen cabinets including solid wood kitchen ,PVC door kitchen , lacquer kitchen, laminate kitchen ,melamine kitchen, paint glass kitchen ,two pack kitchen. We also offer customized wardrobes, bathroom vanity , TV sets cabinets .
    Our Product
    Kitchen cabinet ,wardrobe ,bathroom cabinet ,Vanity ,TV cabinet any customized cabinet
    Product Application
    House , Hotel ,Office building ,
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    1.Sliding table saw machine
    1)Machine Item No –WA8nt
    Brand –ALTENDORF , Germany Brand .
    2)Machine Item NO –F92T
    Brand —ALTENDORF , Germany brand .
    2. Full automatic computer plate saws machine
    Machine Item No – Optimat
    Brand — HOMAG ,Germany brand .
    3. Double end milling machine
    Machine Item No –HKS228
    Brand – HOMAG ,Germany brand .
    4. Automatic linear edge banding machine
    Machine Item No — KDF140 2C
    Brand —BRANDT ,Germany brand .
    5. Full automatic linear edge bonding machine
    Machine Item No — Optimat KAL
    Brand —HOMAG ,Germany brand .
    6. Semi automatic three rows drill
    Machine Item No—NB65
    Brand—HOMAG ,Germany brand .
    7. Operating platform (Milling)
    Machine Item No—96806
    Brand —ANDERSON , Taiwan brand .
    8. Drawer assembly machine
    Machine Item No–ZMM.3350
    Brand—BLUM , Austria brand .
    9. The cabinet assembly machine
    Machine Item No—MH2324B
    Brand — YUTON , SHANGHAI ,Chinese brand .
    10. Angle cutter Machine
    Machine Item No–TC-828-A
    Brand —ZHONGYI& EVOK , Taizhou ,Chinese brand .
    11. Wood tenon machine
    Machine Item No —2521TR , Chinese brand .
    12.Hinge Machine
    Machine Item No– M52XXXX
    Brand — BLUM , Austria brand .
    13. Vertical milling machine
    Machine Item No–MX5160
    Brand—YUTON ,Shanghai , Chinese brand .
    14. Grinding machine
    Machine Item no –HHT2000
    Brand— Huahong ,Chinese brand .
    Production Market
    Noth America — 560000.00 USD
    Oceania —360000.00 USD
    Middle East — 220588.00 USD
    Europe –45900.00 USD
    Our service
    1. Offer Free one stop solution home design
    2. Offer Free detailed shop drawings before manufacturing
    3. Offer Installation Guides & Support for big projects .
    4. Offer 1 full year warranty period after installation .PVC modular kitchen chennai factory

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